Why U.S. Immigration Reform PAC?

The U.S Immigration Reform Political Action Committee (USIRP) is the oldest continually operating political action committee (PAC) dedicated to ending illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration in the U.S. We were the only immigration related PAC to back former Congressman Tom Tancredo when he first sought the Republican nomination to run for Congress in Colorado. By pooling donations from thousands of Americans who share our goals, and striving to keep our overhead as low as possible by relying on volunteers, we can be the most effective in helping our country.

Why USIRPAC Was Founded

The American people want their immigration laws enforced and traditional lower levels of immigration restored as national policy. Despite their desires, a policy of mass immigration and exploding population is being forced on them by an array of special interests that stand to gain money or power because of the policy. Consider:

  • In 2006 the Department of Homeland Security estimated there were 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Current unofficial estimates put the population as high as 20 million.
  • The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) now concedes there are anywhere from 12 to 29 million illegal aliens in the U.S.
  • Despite the public’s disapproval, Congress has rewarded hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens with green cards through various special purpose amnesties, encouraging more illegal immigration and making a mockery of our laws.
  • Our border controls are so weak that Islamic terrorists like those who destroyed the World Trade Center can still ignore visa expiration dates and remain in the U.S.
  • The 2010 Census will show that U.S. set an all-time record for immigration this decade, dwarfing any other ten-year period in American history.
  • Because of mass immigration the Census Bureau estimates that U.S. population will leap from 283 million in 2000 to over 400 million by 2050, and could exceed 1.2 billion by the end of this century.
  • While world population growth has consistently fallen below projections in recent decades, U.S. population growth has consistently been above them due to immigration. If this trend continues, the U.S. share of the earth’s population will increase from 5% to 15% by the year 2100.

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