US Immigration Reform PAC’s Strength

Despite the enormous wealth and power wielded by these interest groups, polls consistently show the great majority of Americans – regardless of background – support USIRPAC’s goals on immigration. For example, Pew Research polls consistently show that three out of four Americans favor cuts in immigration.

But we live in a country in which highly organized groups with much to gain are often able to overrule majority opinion and have their will on many issues, including immigration.

They can be defeated. But it takes dedication, organization, and most importantly, the financial resources to do it. By pooling the resources of thousands of Americans, and using those resources to support candidates for office who support the American people’s views on immigration, USIRPAC is playing a vital role in the battle to preserve our nation’s future. Please do your part to help. Send USIRPAC the most generous contribution you can afford to make today.

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