Information About Libel and Smears

A warning to those inclined to libel or smear USIRPAC:  

Frustrated and furious after their failure in 2006-2007 to enact a mass amnesty in the face of widespread public opposition, some open border advocates embarked on a campaign to demonize and smear their opponents, including groups like USIRPAC, by labeling them “racists,” “white nationalists,” and similar terms of public opprobrium.

If used to characterize USIRPAC, such labels are demonstrably false as well as libelous. USIRPAC has never held or endorsed the belief that any human race is inherently superior to another or that immigration policy should be designed to preserve or enhance the status of one race or ethnic group compared to another.

USIRPAC supports the recommendations of the bi-partisan National Commission on Immigration Reform, which was appointed jointly by President Bill Clinton and by Congress, and chaired by the distinguished former Congresswoman and black civil rights leader, Barbara Jordan. In accordance with those recommendations, USIRPAC endorses better enforcement of our immigration laws and opposes the mass amnesty of illegal aliens. Also in accordance with those recommendations, USIRPAC endorses lower overall levels of immigration while strongly opposing the use of racial or ethnic criteria in the allocation of immigrant visas.

USIRPAC’s longstanding commitment to immigration policies in the public interest and to supporting candidates without regard to race, ethnicity, or any other such criteria is demonstrated by our Federal Election Commission reports documenting donations to the following minority candidates since 2002.

US Immigration Reform PAC contributions to minority candidates: 2002 to the present

Year      Candidate                      Office                        Party                   Amount

2002      Gabriel Perales, Jr.   Congress (TX)      GOP                    $ 500
2002      Rep. Jim Barcia          Congress (MI)      Democrat        $ 500
2004      Vernon Robinson     Congress (NC)      GOP                     $ 4,000
2004      Tony Cisneros            Congress (IL)      GOP                       $ 1,000
2004      Tim Escobar               Congress (CA)      GOP                      $ 1,000
2006      Jan Ting                        US Senate (DE)      GOP                    $ 1,000
2006      Lupe Moreno             State Senate (CA)      GOP               $ 500
2006      Tan Nguyen                Congress (CA)      GOP                     $ 500
2006      Robert Vasquez         Congress (ID)      GOP                     $ 2,500
2006      Vernon Robinson     Congress (NC)      GOP                    $ 1,500
2009      Rosanna Pulido         Congress (IL)      GOP                       $ 1,000
2012      Rep. Allen West         Congress (FL)      GOP                      $ 500
2014      Katrina Pierson         Congress (TX)      GOP                      $ 500

TOTAL: $15,000