Goals of US Immigration Reform PAC

The U.S. Immigration Reform Political Action Committee (USIRPAC) believes that an immigration-swollen population of the magnitude now projected by the Census Bureau will spell environmental, social, and political disaster for the United States. We therefore support reducing overall immigration to our nation’s historic average, less than a quarter of today’s level. We also believe that the recommendations of the U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform to control illegal immigration should be enacted into law in their entirety. Finally we insist that our elected leaders meet their responsibilities to vigorously enforce our immigration laws and safeguard our country’s well being by adopting wise immigration policies.

Our Opposition – the Open Border Lobby

Among the well funded interest groups that lobby for mass immigration are:

  • Immigration lawyers
  • Developers
  • Multinational corporations
  • Big government advocates
  • Ethnic grievance group activists
  • Multicultural advocates
  • Employers wanting cheap labor
  • Foreign governments

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