The American Worker “No Amnesty” Pledge

The US Immigration Reform PAC (USIRPAC) has started circulating its “No Amnesty Pledge” to US congressional candidates running in the 2014 party primary and general election campaigns.

Due to the difficulty and cost of distributing the No Amnesty Pledge to the thousands of candidates involved, USIRPAC is requesting the help of our supporters and members of the public who are asked to print out their own copy of the No Amnesty Pledge, and forward it to their respective candidates for Congress (US Representative and US Senator, if applicable), to be signed and mailed to USIRPAC, Attn. Pledge Campaign, PO Box 100006, Arlington, VA 22210.

As USIRPAC receives signed copies of the Pledge from candidates (including incumbents running for reelection), we will post the list of those candidates who have signed.  Check out the list of of 2014 candidates who have already signed the pledge.

You can print a copy of the pledge to sign and return to us.

Contact us at:

PO Box 100006
Arlington, VA 22210